Using SolFit

How would the user use SolFit?

In order to use the SolFit application, the user would have to go through the following steps.

  1. Acquire $SOLFIT

  2. Download the SolFit mobile application

  3. Connect wallet to SolFit mobile application

  4. Stake their preferred amount of $SOLFIT

  5. Walk around and earn SolFit points

  6. Redeem earned SolFit points for additional $SOLFIT

The SolFit application will have a highly intuitive interface, meaning that the user will be able to guide themselves through the application with ease. We deemed this a necessity at SolFit, since user experience and satisfaction is our no. 1 focus.

Additionally, once the app is deployed and released for use, an introductory and instructive video will be provided in order to guide the users of SolFit through the application, in order to provide the best value we can.

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